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According to statista.com data, in 2020-2021 about 28% of Germans actively used online dating services. Almost half of them confirmed that dating on the Internet eventually turned into a date in real life. For many this was the beginning of a strong marital relationship. According to experts, by 2040 the number of active users of dating sites in the world will be more than 70 million people. For a better understanding, this is the entire population of Great Britain or France.

Interestingly, in recent years we've seen the scales tilt from classic dating sites and apps to anonymous webcam chats in Germany. Cam chat is convenient, anonymous, confidential and secure. And most importantly, it's an ideal format for quick acquaintances without lengthy registration, account confirmation and other actions. Cam to cam chat is able to almost completely satisfy the communication needs of a modern person. This is important because right now 17% of Germans admit that they feel very lonely, and 30% say they suffer from loneliness occasionally.

Online video chats allow you to meet and communicate with random people via video communication on almost any topic and with almost no restrictions. Although the webcam chat format has been around for over 12 years, it is now more popular than ever.

Advantages of German cam chat online

Our webcam chat with girls is not just a convenient platform for small talk with strangers, but also a real opportunity to make new friends or meet your soulmate. When developing our videochat with girls, we combined experience of other popular services with new technological solutions. This meant we could offer our clients a number of advantages:

  • more advanced functionality than classic German webcam chats
  • high-quality moderation 24/7 and professional support service
  • the absence of fakes, bots, advertising accounts and the like
  • anonymity, confidentiality and security for all users

While other live cam chats are static or not developing fast enough, we regularly implement new features, improve the web version, increase security and make the user experience better for each client.

Webcam chat — thousands of users face to face

Now Germany does not have tough restrictions as it did in 2020, plus more and more people are already vaccinated, which significantly reduces the risk of getting sick. But this is still not enough to completely return to the previous rhythm of life. And tens of thousands of Germans prefer interacting in anonymous video chats to real communication. Why? There are many reasons:

  1. Tens of thousands of interesting people with whom you can talk face to face, discuss interesting topics, share your thoughts on a particular issue and hear the opinion of your chat partner.
  2. A real chance to find new friends or even a soulmate, getting to know the person well beforehand by communicating in cam to cam chat.
  3. Enormous time savings. One click, and now you are already communicating with a new friend. You don't need to go anywhere, book a table in a cafe or think about interesting leisure activities. Everything is much simpler.
  4. Zero risk of getting sick. For many, this is one of the most important reasons in favor of online webcam chats. Nobody wants to catch the coronavirus while meeting new people.
  5. A great opportunity to communicate with chat partners from other countries. It’s not at all necessary to be limited just to Germany. In most webcam chats with girls you can choose in which country to search for chat partners. This is very convenient and greatly expands the geography of dating.

Thousands of interesting chat partners from dozens of countries around the world are waiting for you in our camchat. We strongly recommend that you don't limit your searches to just one country or region. Who knows, perhaps your destiny is on a completely different continent, and you don't even know it yet.

The growth in popularity of online dating in Germany

According to the KUNDLER edition, there are about 16 million single people living in Germany. There are over 700,000 singles in Berlin alone. Among the most common reasons why people remain lonely, researchers cite four:

  1. Excessive requirements when choosing a partner.
  2. Lack of time and shyness.
  3. Attempts to hold on to the past and fears about new relationships.
  4. Career comes first.

The real tipping point for millions of people has been the coronavirus pandemic and its associated limitations. Millions of Germans were literally locked in their homes. And online dating has become the only way for many to build a personal life. Plus people finally had more free time.

Interestingly, along with the growing activity of users of classic dating sites and applications, online camchats in Germany have shown even faster rates. For example, Omegle video chat traffic has doubled in less than a year. And cam chat Chatroulette grew by about 50% over the same period.

However the statistics of recent years in terms of the number of marriages in Germany are not the most comforting — this number has been systematically decreasing from year to year:

  • May 2018 — 47,772 marriages.
  • May 2019 — 48,400 marriages.
  • May 2020 — 33,182 marriages.
  • May 2021— 21,907 marriages.

Why, with such an active growth in the online dating market, are people getting married much less than two or three years ago? There are several reasons. Due to the pandemic and the fear of getting sick, people are spending less time online. The majority approach the choice of a pair more responsibly and avoid hasty impulsive decisions. Plus the organization of a wedding itself during a pandemic offers many difficulties.

Web cam chats open up tremendous opportunities for online dating, and their popularity is only growing in the wake of the current situation in the world. It’s likely we’ll observe continuing active growth in the next few years. So now is the perfect time to discover this format if you haven’t done so yet.